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Gordon 1.2.6 FIX!!!!!!

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Gordon 1.2.6 FIX!!!!!!

Post  1337manzz on Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:42 pm

Hey everyone its me 1337manzz
I found this cool fix on gamekillers.net

1)Extract the rar file to your desktop
2)Go to your combat arms folder and make a copy of your HShield folder on your desktop
3)Extract the New Hshield folder into your combat arms folder
4)Extract Gordon 1.2.6 onto your desktop with the readme (YOU NEED TO EXTRACT THE README OR GCA WONT WORK!)
5)Open up gordon
6)open combat arms
7)Watch in glee as your combat arms "DOESNT" crash!
8)Time to PWN some Un-1337 noobs!!!!!

All credits go to:

Gordon @ Http://www.Gordon.D4rc.Net
Kati3St0gg3r @ http://www.gamekiller.net/combat-arms-hacks-bots-release-downloads/32342-gordon-1-2-6-fix.html



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