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new combat arms hacks!

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new combat arms hacks!

Post  _SmileAway_ on Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:59 pm

hi i am new here but i am an elite hacker. I leeched this hack from digital prodigy. so here it is. Laughing Laughing Laughing Cool Very Happy Very Happy

[Included Features]

Crosshair (Draws a cross in the middle of your screen)
No Fog (Disables all fog on map)

Hit Boxes (Draws boxes around all players)
No Recoil (Stop your gun from moving up and down)
No Spread (Less Spread (Combine with no recoil for a perfect line when shooting))
Unlimited Respawn (Allows to always spawn no matter what game mode)
Fly (Gravity) (Allows you to jump high without any gravity (1~10 custom gravity))
Speed Hack (Allows to move much faster (1~20 custom speeds)
Show Fire Path (Shows path of your bullets that were shot out of your gun)

[New Features]

No Spread
Unlimited Respawn
Speed hack


Extract to desktop
Open FaithInject (Run as Admin if your running Vista-Windows7
Click Add now browse for Digital-Prodigy PUB.dll
Now it will be added on the list
For the Process name put in "Engine.exe" (without the quotes and captial E for engine)
Click inject and run combat arms
Once injected go in game and press insert to open up the menu!

[How To Use]

Inject it using a injector ( a injector is provided in the download)
When in combat arms at login screen or where ever press insert to show and hide the menu
Use up and down arrows keys to navigate your way up and down the menu
Once you highlight the hack you want to turn on use the left and right arrow keys to turn on and of (Press right arrow key to turn on and left arrow key to turn off)

download here: http://digital-prodigy.com/forum/combat-arms/279-release-digital-prodigy-pub-12-24-09-a.html


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