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Mythbusters is comming to you ( plz sticky this)

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Mythbusters is comming to you ( plz sticky this) Empty Mythbusters is comming to you ( plz sticky this)

Post  -Fury_Swipes- on Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:59 pm

Hey Soilders~

Ucag is having the following:

Machinima during ScOtYz new time change ( hope fully lol! )
Mythbusters During these times ( Sorry i don't have a register fraps yett. and i have summer school )
June 19 from 02:00~3:00
June 21 if we do not have enough time from 2:30 ~ 3:30
If I get Registered Fraps Later then this time then the episode shedule will be film and aired by July 4 ( INDEPENDANCE DAY WOOT!!!)

Guide For Getting in Mythbuster Show:
1.(If i dont have registered Fraps) A filmer
2.Soilders that have more than 3 accounts high enough rank to buy pp ~19 and a lA941 Sniper ( i hit k.o one)
3.Pls Seem liek ur rich with nx ( too make nubs jealous)
4.( You dont have too) I need a nx Girl character for the mythbusters episode so if u can gift ill be happy enough to welcoming you to the Mythbuster episode lol! lol! lol! .
5. U need TO ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO GLITCH never ferget like me No No
6. Subscribe plz ( affraid affraid cherry farao jocolor study scratch scratch)

Hopefully I will see you all here
These are the ideas i have in mind:
Sniping a Law rocket = comfirm i did it myself
A bomb you wont here when u throw it ( ScOtYz 2 glitch topic)= comfirmed maybe
A place in search and destory where u cant disable a bomb. ( ucag or ccguy's video)= comfired
Getting kills without getting hurt or hacking = comfired tapping on hack forum ( i posted check it out?)
Please Comment your ideas down here \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

I Hope to see you all
Good luck

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