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New Suggestion! Clan Registration

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New Suggestion! Clan Registration Empty New Suggestion! Clan Registration

Post  ScOtTyZ on Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:19 am

Here's a few suggestions that might improve some of the clan registration.
First, check out the other suggestions I posted, if you haven't see 'em:
http://ucag.forumotion.com/any-ideas-or-suggestions-f5/new-forums-t84.htm (New Forum Sections)
http://ucag.forumotion.com/any-ideas-or-suggestions-f5/some-clan-events-t92.htm (Clan Events)

Anyways, you know the clan registration is jammed full of people wanting to join? Why not we make a Webs website, then we can create a form that people have to fill out if they wish to join the clan in the game, or become UCAG Clan Members, instead of just normal members of the forums. Like their Username, Email, Why they wanna join, all that general stuff.

Here's what I think would be an application:

Username (In-Game Name):
Why Would You Want To Join UCAG?:
What's Your Purpose Being In UCAG?:
Prove Your Not a Random Bot. What's 5 x 2?:

Now, don't try to fill it out and post it here. LOL!
The form will be sent to an email, and the leader or administrator can check the application.
If they approve or disapprove, they are allowed to join (submit an application on the game), if not, they're just rejected, and they can't submit an application in the game.

If you accept this suggestion, but don't have time to make it, I can set up the application form for you!


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