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ATTENTION: Clan Members, Admins

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ATTENTION: Clan Members, Admins Empty ATTENTION: Clan Members, Admins

Post  ScOtTyZ on Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:52 am

Hello clan members, and/or admins.
If you are just a UCAG Guest, this does not concern you now, but will later.

Clan Members and Admins, if you have not added me on Xfire yet, please do. My Xfire is PixelizedDeath
Why should you add me? It concerns something about the clan.

When you add me, make sure in the invite message, to add your CA IGN, so I can confirm that you are a member.
You must be in UCAG or UCAG2 to be confirmed as a Clan Member.

Thank you.


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